Extend Zero Trust
Security to Email

Email is an essential repository of sensitive content, the key to countless accounts, and the most ubiquitous business application. When attackers have multiple ways in, blocking messages is no longer enough.

Material protects accounts even after they’re compromised or harmful messages get through.

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Building Resilience at Leading Organizations
Leak Prevention

Protect sensitive content in mailboxes

Secure critical messages without sacrificing productivity. Material automatically classifies and redacts sensitive content in email, keeping it safe even if someone gets in. A quick verification step brings the original message back into the mailbox.

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Account Takeover Prevention

Stop lateral account takeover via email

Limit the scope of a breach by preventing attackers from using email accounts to hijack other services. Material adds a simple verification step before granting access to password resets and other critical messages.

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Phishing Herd Immunity

Protect against messages that get through email blockers

Phishing training is an incomplete best practice: while one user reports an attack, others fall for it. Material allows a single report from any employee to instantly protect the entire organization.

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Visibility + Control

You can't protect what you can't see

Get unprecedented visibility and control over your entire email footprint. Material surfaces foundational risk factors paired with one-click remediations. Powerful tools supercharge investigations with answers in seconds, not hours.

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Admin + Security

Easy to run,
easy to trust

Material deploys in minutes via Office 365 and Google Workspace APIs, without affecting MX records or email delivery. Deploy to everyone or just the users that need it most. Best of all, your data is entirely yours—your deployment is an isolated instance that you can manage exclusively for total control.

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About Us

We’re Building Resilience
We started Material after the 2016 hacks changed history and showed everyone everywhere the importance and fragility of our private data.

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Our demo starts with an attacker in a mailbox

Request a product demo to see how Material protects accounts even after they have been compromised and gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your email risk.

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What about your personal mailbox?

Material is available in private beta for high-risk individuals. Get in touch to learn more and request an invite.