Automate User Report Response

Empower your user base as a valued line of defense by automating your abuse mailbox with flexible remediation workflows that quickly cover the whole workforce

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You encourage everyone in the company to report suspicious emails for all the right reasons, but reports flying in from various sources are hard to capture, and add to an endless backlog that your team simply can’t clear fast enough. To top it all off, deciphering genuine threats from mere noise is overwhelming and pressure-ridden given the potential severity of a true phishing attack.

User reports vary in origin, accuracy, and urgency, creating a chaotic influx that's hard to handle

Other users might fall victim to the same attack while your team is investigating a report

It’s hard to close the feedback loop with users when you have to jump to the next thing

The Material Difference

We act as a force multiplier for user report response, applying instant protection across the entire workforce when a single case comes in for faster report resolution and less duplication efforts

Smart Case Consolidation

Material ingests user reports from every source, and immediately searches across all mailboxes to find and remediate similar messages based on subject, body contents, links, and attachments.

Unified Triage Experience

SOC teams gain a single place to investigate all types of email attacks including user reports, with an intuitive view that brings together surrounding context, analysis, and impact to help ensure response is effective and timely.

Flexible remediation flows

Material automatically responds to the user report with an acknowledgement message, and based on AI recommended classification, will apply a speedbump in the form of a banner and link verification, or block links outright to all similar messages detected.

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Automation has removed any uncertainty around phishing. We have the peace of mind that one Cartan’s report can help protect others automatically. Material just works.

Vince Parras

Corporate Security & Audit

Automating user report response at leading organizations of all kinds