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Let’s build a resilient internet

We are a group of optimists dedicated to the idea that it takes as much creativity to make technology safe as it does to invent it.

Cybersecurity is a fundamental challenge to open societies in the 21st century. To combat this, the security industry needs to embrace pragmatism, productivity, and interdisciplinary thinking.

If that sounds like your speed, come join us!

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We believe security is much more than a moat around a castle. Instead, the internet can be resilient, from inside out.

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@fredrickl, CSO at Gusto

I don't get paid to talk about security products I like. I'm not on any advisory boards. I'm not an investor in any of them. I just like telling other people at *good* security companies that deliver *real* value and stand by their promises. @material_sec is the real deal.

Veejay Leswal

Sr. Technology Executive

One of the best security products on the market hands down. Easy to implement. Great team to work with. Get it and stop worrying about retention and compromise. Material Security FTW.

Alex Rice

HackerOne, Founder & CTO

Really excited for what Ryan Noon and the team are up to over at Material Security. Email has become the center of so much of our digital lives and the blast radius of even a single email account compromise is one of those things that has always kept me up at night. "Zero Trust" for email is long overdue.


@cryps1s, CISO/Human at @PalantirTech

I have been ruminating on the Hafnium exchange exploit and my strongest defensive thesis is on @material_sec.

I am so bullish on their product for meaningfully derisking and detecting mailbox abuse.

Haroon Meer

Security Geek at Thinkst

“Fundraises are just a milestone: the future is built by people, not capital.” Like I needed another reason to love the folks @ @material_sec

If you haven’t checked out their stuff, you should.

Kyle Tobener

@kylekyle, Head of Security @CopadoSolutions. Formerly @Salesforce.

I mostly hate demos from security companies but when @internet_meme showed me @material_sec I was blown away. Super excited for this team to get this level of investment and valuation I think they are going to do fantastic things. Congrats Material!!!!!!

Melody Hildebrandt

CISO at FOX Corp and President of Blockchain Creative Labs

well this is well-deserved and coming from one of the best investors in the business with Trae Stephens, is a double sign of validation. every customer of material i know loves the technology (myself included). congrats to Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Kevin Bayly and Rajan Kapoor on an incredible milestone.

Nico Waisman

CISO at Lyft

Congratulations to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal, and the Material team for the series C funding!
Looking forward to seeing what is next for email security

Matthew Pecorelli

Deputy CISO & VP, Mars

Big congratulations to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal, Chris Park, and the whole Material Security crew for closing another big round. You make protecting email fun!

E Coleen C.

CISO at Twilio

It shouldn't be a surprise that the creative minds at @material_sec have just landed such a fantastic Series C. Congrats to the team! I can't wait to see you all cross the finish line together! 🏆 #winningteam


CISO, Compass

Congrats to Material Security team on the latest round. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a great product and partner with the team there. Looks like others agreed and excited to see more features come to reality. My list of asks just got longer.

John Stewart

(fmr) SVP/CSTO Cisco

Congrats to Ryan Noon and the entire team at Material Security. It was just a moment ago it seems we were talking about the ideas and go to market - stoked to see how far you’ve progressed!

LI peeps, this is worth a look…email security is one of the top three issues we all worry about. This isn’t the same ‘ole approach.

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