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Andrew Becherer
Fmr CISO Iterable, CSO Datadog

When a friend hipped me to Material Security early in their development it was heaven sent.

@fredrickl, CSO at Gusto

I don't get paid to talk about security products I like. I'm not on any advisory boards. I'm not an investor in any of them. I just like telling other people at *good* security companies that deliver *real* value and stand by their promises. @material_sec is the real deal.

Veejay Leswal
Sr. Technology Executive

One of the best security products on the market hands down. Easy to implement. Great team to work with. Get it and stop worrying about retention and compromise. Material Security FTW.

Alex Rice
HackerOne, Founder & CTO

Really excited for what Ryan Noon and the team are up to over at Material Security. Email has become the center of so much of our digital lives and the blast radius of even a single email account compromise is one of those things that has always kept me up at night. "Zero Trust" for email is long overdue.

@cryps1s, CISO/Human at @PalantirTech

I have been ruminating on the Hafnium exchange exploit and my strongest defensive thesis is on @material_sec.

I am so bullish on their product for meaningfully derisking and detecting mailbox abuse.

Terry O'Daniel
Head of Security at Amplitude

I continue to be impressed with the innovation that comes out of Material Security. There’s a great lesson here for cyber founders: Don’t chase the New Hotness; solve Real Daily Problems in the industry and CISOs will love you for it. 😍

Haroon Meer
Security Geek at Thinkst

“Fundraises are just a milestone: the future is built by people, not capital.” Like I needed another reason to love the folks @ @material_sec

If you haven’t checked out their stuff, you should.

Kyle Tobener
@kylekyle, Head of Security @CopadoSolutions. Formerly @Salesforce.

I mostly hate demos from security companies but when @internet_meme showed me @material_sec I was blown away. Super excited for this team to get this level of investment and valuation I think they are going to do fantastic things. Congrats Material!!!!!!

James H.
Security Engineer

If you're buying software, make sure the vendor's just as committed in the ecosystem they're building in as you are.

[Material] tests stuff in-house (dogfood), they aren't shared-tenant (one customer gets hacked, they all get hacked), the anti-phishing rules worked great, the security posture stuff was better than any other vendor I assessed for Google Workspace - and they have a bunch of features like Slack integration out-of-the-box (_I know_, the fact I list that as a feature tells you how undeveloped some areas of this industry is).

But the game-changer for me was the data protection features. It went through your email history, found potentially confidential and sensitive content like invoices to clients, passwords (hopefully not) and credentials, or stuff that gets flagged by #DLP rules (all of which you can customise for your organisation) - and puts the content behind an unlock screen which integrates with your chosen auth method.

Now a business email compromise (#BEC) is isolated to content from the last few hours, not years. 🔒

If you're a Google -first org, this is a no-brainer. They also take those 4-hour high/critical alert SLA's natively supported by Google's security centre for phishing emails down to seconds.

Melody Hildebrandt
CISO at FOX Corp and President of Blockchain Creative Labs

well this is well-deserved and coming from one of the best investors in the business with Trae Stephens, is a double sign of validation. every customer of material i know loves the technology (myself included). congrats to Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Kevin Bayly and Rajan Kapoor on an incredible milestone.

Nico Waisman
CISO at Lyft

Congratulations to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal, and the Material team for the series C funding!
Looking forward to seeing what is next for email security

Matthew Pecorelli
Deputy CISO & VP, Mars

Big congratulations to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal, Chris Park, and the whole Material Security crew for closing another big round. You make protecting email fun!

E Coleen C.
CISO at Twilio

It shouldn't be a surprise that the creative minds at @material_sec have just landed such a fantastic Series C. Congrats to the team! I can't wait to see you all cross the finish line together! 🏆 #winningteam

CISO, Compass

Congrats to Material Security team on the latest round. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a great product and partner with the team there. Looks like others agreed and excited to see more features come to reality. My list of asks just got longer.

Daniel Gray
Sr. Director, IT Operations at Oportun

Nobody doing email security better than my friends at Material Security 🎉

Peter Oehlert
Chief Security Officer at Highspot

Congratulations to Ryan Noon and the whole Material Security team for their amazing news today. As a customer of their platform, I'm a big fan of the technology, and more importantly, the people behind it. Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to seeing all the great things that are next for you and the team!

Andrew Caspersen
CISO at Gap Inc.

Very exciting to see cool companies bringing cool solutions to the "shambolic" (hat tip Ryan Noon) mess that email has become.

William Dougherty
CISO, Omada Health

Shout out to the fine folks at Material Security for their Series C. I remember meeting CEO Ryan Noon 6 years ago when their product was mostly still ideas in their heads. It's great to see what smart people with hard work and determination can do to solve tough problems. If you're worried about the security of your emails (and you should be), check them out. Great people. #materialsecurity Ryan Noon @materialsecurity

Ernest (Ernie) Liu

In a past life, I was an Incident Responder helping many different victim companies. Material Security would have been a difference maker in stymying the attackers. I love how they are thinking about email security

Congrats Ryan Noon and Abhishek Agrawal!

Eddie Garcia
CISO, CDO, CIO at Macrometa

Congrats Material Security on the Series C! Making Zero Trust email security a reality. It has been an honor to witness your journey from stealth. Keep shipping cool stuff

Daniel Gilmartin
Professional Cat Herder & Security Grumbler

Material Security keeps giving more bang for the buck. Now they've expanded past email and rolled out Google Drive data protection - No more dealing with the unfriendly DLP console or the unfortunate GSuite APIs is a huge win for us. I've been at two different jobs now and if you haven't yet, you should check out their offerings for email security as well!

Troy Wilkinson
CISO at Interpublic Group (IPG)

The team at Material Security has built a really interesting product that completely bypasses how everybody has thought about email security historically. Congrats Ryan Noon & the entire Material team!
#seriesc #unicorn #cybersecurity

Brett Cumming
Senior Director, ISO, Skechers

Exciting news for a group that is taking a fresh approach to helping companies protect one of their biggest attack surfaces. Congrats Ryan Noon and the entire Material Security team!

Ben Hagen
@benhagen, 2x Presidential Election & Emmy Award Winning Security Otter

Super excited to see the growth of non-snake oil security startups. Rare to see new entrants in the space actually improve the state of security with innovative approaches. @material_sec's mission is personal to me.

Rohit Parchuri
CISO | Board Advisor | Cyber Strategist

Congrats Material Security on the new funding round! Amazing application (both in literal and relative terminology), robust underlying platform and most importantly kickass team that we have had the privilege of working with. If you haven't checked them out, please do! They are doing amazing things and align beautifully with "Zero Trust for Email" model #emailsecurity

Alex Tosheff
CSO at VMware, Inc., Strategic Advisor, Investor

Thrilled to see the incredibly talented team Material Security reach this milestone! Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal and team congrats on turning your unique vision into reality to solve some of the biggest issues with #emailsecurity. Looking forward to this next phase of growth and impact #crushingit

Gary Hayslip
Global CISO for SoftBank Investment Advisers & SoftBank Group International

Congrats Material Security, Ryan Noon and Abhishek Agrawal great platform love the tech and super stoked to see you are doing well. $1B+ eval not bad! Can't wait to see what happens next :-)

#CISOapproved #tinkertribe #CISOlife #appsec #cybersecurity #business #leadership #technolog y#innovation #CISO #hacking #cyber #womenincybersecurity #privacymatters #riskmanagement

Lisa Hall
Chief Information Security Officer at Color

So excited for Abhishek Agrawal, Ryan Noon and everyone at Material Security. I’m a fan. I can’t say enough positive things about Material Security … even when I refuse to use the new name.

Luis Sanchez
System Engineer II at SavvyMoney

The partnership that SavvyMoney and Material Security have is incredible! I cannot speak highly enough about Material's work to protect our user's email security and how easily they made it. I would recommend Material 10 out of 10 times for everyone and anyone who manages IT infrastructure, as they are truly leading and paving the way for email security.

Stephen Alexander
Program Owner, Trusted Email Program at MassMutual

Glad to see startups like Material Security continue to find new ways to quickly protect data in increasingly complex environments. Material has a top notch tech team that understands cyber threats, especially in places that are difficult to uncover. Happy to see another entry to their suite of products as they expand their offerings.

Andrew Becherer
Chief Information Security Officer at Iterable

If you manage corporate IT security and haven't been following Material Security I recommend checking them out. They bring solutions to email problems that felt intractable and I really appreciate their deployment model.

Keith Hoodlet
@securingdev, Senior Manager, @thermofisher

Just got off the phone with the folks @material_sec and I have to say, @internet_meme and the team have built a pretty amazing security product. I rarely walk away from a product demo and think “this is incredible”.

This was one of those moments.

Ryan McGeehan
@Magoo, Researches ATO @, Writes "Starting Up Security" @, tweets horror stories @badthingsdaily!

Very happy to see @material_sec growing. They've built smart mitigations for tough problems. Good work @internet_meme, @abhishek0918 and Chris Park!

Frederic Kerrest
EVC, COO & Co-Founder at Okta, Inc.

Love the partnership with Ryan Noon and the Material Security team - making "Zero trust for email" a reality for all organizations.

Adam Zollman
@azollman, Network defender. Threaty, buildy things @NBCUniversal. he/him

Stoked for @material_sec. It's seriously cool tech, and always nice to see what a genuinely novel approach to a hard problem in security looks like. (Congrats!)

Michael Keithley

We need more companies starting from first principles thinking about securing apps from the inside out. @material_sec has done exactly this for securing email. Highly recommended!

Kevin Henrikson
VP of Engineering at Instacart

Congrats Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Chris Park amazing progress. I've really enjoyed the WebAuthn one touch to access secured "locked" email on my personal gmail account and am excited to get it on our work emails soon!

Don Magee
@DonMagee, Cloud Architect, Security Engineer, heavily opinionated.

I really love @material_sec and how easy it makes it to protect our company’s email systems. This morning I saw a phish in my inbox. I flagged it as phishing and instantly the email was defanged and I received this email.

Scott Schultz
Manager, Trust & Security at Amplitude

It was a no-brainer to bring on @material_sec. We can see what’s at risk in mailboxes and secure the contents with an added layer of protection. Congrats Ryan Noon Rajan Kapoor!!

Christine Chalmers
Senior Security Engineer at PagerDuty

Congrats, Abhishek Agrawal & Ryan Noon! Well deserved! You've won our security team's "favorite vendor" title two years running. Glad to see others are catching on.

Pippin Wallace
Principal Security Engineer, Figure Technologies

Honestly one of the best security products I've used and its value is apparent in their unique approach. I am sure more companies will try to imitate what Material is doing as it just makes sense.

Patrick Gray

I recorded a Soap Box this morning with @material_sec... their whole product was designed to lock down cloud mailboxes to make threat actor access to your o365/GSuite tenant pointless. I'm pretty much convinced their marketing team is behind the SolarWinds/Holiday Bear stuff. It's pretty cool stuff actually... super creative API use. I'll publish that one early next week I think.

Ricky ..
Security Engineering in EPD, Security at Gusto & B-SidesSF Organizer

One of our favorite modern security tech stack tools: @material_sec. We love partnering with this team! Excited to see their novel approach gain traction.

Daniel Gray
Director, Corporate IT Services at Oportun

I’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the years and Material Security has blown me away every step of the way. They have the best team in the world but what’s more impressive is their product.

Omer Singer
Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake - The Data Cloud

The email shenanigans that worked back in my pentesting days still work too well today. Got nothing but respect for the team at Material Security that are making real progress towards fixing that.Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal and team congrats on the unicorn status!

Aaron Zander
An IT leader with a focus on security and usability

Congratulations to my friends Material Security for their series C! Email security sucks, I suggest looking into tools that make it suck a lot less like Material Security. This stuff is like tech-black-magic and I don't think I've ever quite had a jaw-drop moment in a tech demo quite like I did the fist time I saw Material
#security #infosec #emailsecurity

Karthik Rangarajan
Doer of Things at Robinhood

The team at Material Security is taking a fresh approach to solving one of the most fundamental problems in security: protecting data sitting in mailboxes. A few years ago, I took a call prepared to say no to Ryan and Grant as they pitched me on the solution, but I found no reason to - the product made too much sense, and they weren't selling fancy snake oil. It's been impressive to see the journey and how they've grown since. Congrats to the team (Ryan Noon Rajan Kapoor Grant Bauer) on the Series C! Can't wait to see where you guys take this rocketship. :)

Phil Venables

Congrats to @internet_meme and the team at @material_sec on a great raise and growing customer base.

Mike Mackintosh
@mikemackintosh, @doordash | I dabble in everything #infosec and usually rant about it here

Anything is possible when @material_sec meets google cloud functions. So pumped.

Helen Guan
Security GRC Manager at Salesforce

Huge congrats to Material Security for landing their new Series B funding! The team is one of the most talented and hard working group I know and it's been a pleasure to be part of their journey from the early days. Exciting to see their continued progress and innovative approach to #emailsecurity.

Diogo Mónica
@diogomonica, Co-Founder and President @anchorage, Security Lead @Docker

Everyone in infosec knows it's rare to see a new product that is obviously a solution instead of a band-aid. Congrats to the @material_sec team for building one of those products.

Jean-Denis Greze
@jgreze, @Plaid CTO. Investor at @ASDFVentures. Pineapple pizza.

Big congrats to @abhishek0918 @internet_meme and Chris! I was lucky to work with these folks at Dropbox a century ago -- the best! The best products give you security out of the box without you realizing it. That's what Material does for email.

(not even shilling an investment)

Jason Waits
@jwaits0, Director of Cyber Security, Inductive Automation

Their demo was fantastic. Definitely a fresh take on email security. Probably be first tool I've seen that works equally well if you're on Gmail or 0365.

Rich Casselberry
Executive Director of Security, Architecture and Compliance at ATN International

I love the Material Security approach. Make email less valuable, versus try to constantly detect/respond.

I know I'm way oversimplifying, but my point is the approach is different from what we are doing today and worth spending time to understand.

Rick Fitzgerald
Chief Digital Officer at Ciox Health

We all discuss the importance of protecting our organization's data and Material Security is demonstrating how to make this a reality with their next generation data protection solutions.

The team just launched their latest solution to protect data within Google Drive enabling the ability to find and control sensitive data with ease.

Congratulations to the entire team on this major milestone. Keep crushing it!

@techdarko, (he/him) Cat Herder @brexhq

Congrats to @internet_meme @abhishek0918 and the whole Material Security team! It's a great team and a product solving common yet less addressed problems - can't wait to see where you grow to!

Josh DeFigueiredo
SVP, CISO at Workday

Congratulations to Ryan Noon and the whole Material Security team on this milestone!

Mark Clancy
VP Cybersecurity, CISO at Sprint

congrats! I just got the demo and this is the most interesting security solution I have seen in years. Best of success with the unveiling.

Gordon Chaffee
Prev: Sr Dir Eng @ Google security, Founder @ Defend7, SVP Eng @ Riverbed

Congratulations to Material Security and their founders, Ryan Noon, Chris Park, and Abhishek Agrawal, for their $100M raise to continue to grow and help more companies protect their employees' sensitive data even when their accounts are compromised! I first met the team when the company was just getting started before their seed investment round, and this round shows just how far they've come. Looking forward to watching their ongoing journey and helping a bit along the way!

Casey Santos
Chief Information Officer at Asurion

Congratulations Ryan Noon and Material Security! Protecting email is a key area of concern for all of us and your innovation is much needed.

Bharadwaj (Brad) Chivukula
V.P of Engineering, Collective Health

Congratulations to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal and the entire team at Material Security for their successful Series-C. The team at Material Security has built a really interesting product that completely bypasses how everybody has thought about email security historically. Congratulations, and can’t wait to see what they do next. 🚀

Rory Aptekar
Senior Security Engineer at Chime

Congratulations to the folks at Material Security for their Series C funding round! They've been a great partner to work with and I look forward to seeing how the product develops in the future.

Congrats Ryan Noon & team!

Eric Guzek
Head of Security Operations Center at MassMutual

Ryan Noon, Nice article, and congrats on the funding, looking forward to seeing what Material Security will deliver going forward!

Joseph Malchow

Data at rest in an email inbox has become the richest quarry for hackers. Quarterly earnings, fab qual reports, the design for the next battery pack. My colleagues and I actually have these things in our inboxes, and the legacy security companies and cloud platforms don’t know how to protect it all.

Since its founding in 2018, the team at Material Security has held a radical view, which is that the atomic unit of protection ought to be data. Not accounts, not devices – data. This in turn causes an infosec product to be built differently. Heroic engineering efforts were needed to wrap a data protection platform around classic cloud service providers. But they are succeeding.

And this reframe has sparked a wonderful, sustainable business at Material Security. My congratulations toRyan Noon, Chris Park, and Abhishek Agrawal on their announcement today of a large Series C and a healthy, earned enterprise value of $1bn+.

My thanks to these exceptional founders for allowing us at HNVR to partner with them in growing the business since 2018. You can read more about them here:

For anyone who builds, designs, manufactures, codes, audits, or bills, Material Security is a must. Do whatever you can to get it installed.

Joseph McGee
Security Operations Manager at Copado

Giant Congratulations to Material SecurityGrant Bauer, and Ryan Noon. Cool to see a great product really making a splash in the market.

Eric Foster
@performify, President @CYDERES (Cyber Defense + Response) - a @FishtechGroup venture.

Wow. One of @cyderes' favorite modern tools @material_sec hits $1.1B valuation! Highly recommend Material if you’re looking for an actual fresh take to securing mailboxes. TL;DR = "zero trust for email" Congrats @internet_meme, @abhishek0918, + team!

Danny Macias

Such a clever use of @duosec to protect actual email messages! Congrats on the launch @material_sec!…

#emailismaterial @internet_meme @abhishek0918

Taylor Herron
Rebellion Defense

Congrats Material Security!!!

Ryan Noon, you've got a killer team with Neel Motiwala, Kevin Bayly, and the rest of the gang that works so hard to bring email security into this century.

Been an absolute pleasure watching you deliver for so many and couldn't be happier to say that I am now a proud and happy customer as well.

Keep killing it! Go make the world safe for email again!!!

ΣΧ, journalist, EIC @DecipherSec.

This is pretty amazing for one of the nicer people I know in security @internet_meme and @material_sec

Christian Ghigliotty
Security Engineering Manager – AppSec, ProdSec, & Enterprise Security @ Compass

Nice to see the folks at Material Security announcing their Series C round earlier today. Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Max Pollard and Grant Bauer have been super fun to work with and I'm not surprised MatSec is a leader in this space. Wanted to spread love the Brooklyn way and say congrats!

Joy Marie Forsythe
Trying to make things a bit more secure, wherever I am

A day late with the congrats but I'm so excited for my friends at Material Security for their Series C raise and incredible $1.1B valuation. I'm not surprised -- they build an excellent product that does useful things and have a team of smart and thoughtful people.

Bea Hughes

I never got the email, but this is huge news! If you're one of those companies that has this fancy "email" thing, then you should really check out what @material_sec are doing. Adding business security to the treasure trove of dox that is Gmail through APIs is really rad.

Hongyi Hu
@hongyihu, Security engineering at Figma.

Fantastic to see @material_sec land an awesome Series C. I've been a fan from the beginning. Congrats @internet_meme @abhishek0918 !

John Healy
Senior Enterprise Security Engineer at Cloudera

Congratulations and continued success to Abhishek Agrawal Ryan Noon Chris Park Rajan Kapoor of Material Security who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last few years. #materialsecurity

Jae Ward
Corporate Security Analyst for Lyft

Congratulations to Material Security! it's been a blast working with you and your team Abhishek Agrawal!
Forbes: This Startup Reached A $1.1 Billion Valuation By Taking The Sting Out Of Email Hacks.

Keith McCartney
VP, Security & IT, DNAnexus

It's exciting to see the fresh approach to email security from Ryan NoonAbhishek Agrawal, and the team at Material Security. Congrats on the Series C!

Feross Aboukhadijeh
Founder at Socket

Super impressed with Material Security's meteoric rise in the security world. The whole team is relentless, brilliant, and the kind of people that you love working with. They're solving one of the most important problems in security: how to survive even after an attacker breaks into a mailbox. Highly recommend checking them out.

Congrats Ryan Noon and Abhishek Agrawal for the incredible Series C milestone! Well deserved. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Salik S.
I like programming things

Huge milestone for Material Security today! Over the years I've learned so much working with Ryan Noon Chris Park and Abhishek Agrawal -- can't think of three better people to have this success. The problems they are tackling are hard and meaningful. After the 2016 election e-mail hacks they realized that email security is still an open problem and engineered solutions to create a more secure society. If your company holds critical data in email (it probably does) -- check out their tech ASAP!

William MacMillan
Executive Leadership | Cyber | Digital Transformation | National Security

Things that seem super obvious now that someone has thought of them:

- The wheel
- Adhesive bandages
- Cocktail olives
- Technology to proactively secure email holdings

Congratulations to Material Security and its founders on this impressive milestone. Can’t wait to see what they add to this list next!

Sujay Jaswa
@sujayjaswa, Founder/Managing Partner @WndrCoLLC.

Beyond thrilled that @internet_meme & @abhishek0918, two of my favorite people, are crushing it! Raising a killer round in this environment is no easy feat, but when you're solving a hard problem & customers love you, good things happen. Congrats to the whole @material_sec team!

ramsey homsany

Not surprised that the @material_sec team continues to have success. They’re solving one of the central digital security problems in such a clever and well-crafted way. Happy for @internet_meme @abhishek0918, their whole team, and all the customers whose bacon they’re saving.

Jonathan Haas
ceo @threatkey

Truly incredible to see the growth of @material_sec-- Highly recommend checking them out (have used the product and absolutely love it)

Can’t wait to see what they do next.

funding & building web^3 ideas

Congrats to @internet_meme @abhishek0918 and the @material_sec team on the $100M raise from @foundersfund! Email is an enormous attack vector and this team is the one you want protecting your most valuable assets.

Jamie Turner
@jamwt, Hacker, musician, and dad

Congrats to @internet_meme and the whole crew at @material_sec! Email security is an increasingly important need, and this is a great team to take it on.

Aman Diwakar
Security Engineering Leader at Doordash

Congratulations to Ryan Noon and Material Security on their latest win! Raising 100m in Series C, great value for a solid security platform! Read more about their story here...

Jim Fazzone
Director of Information Technology, FloQast

Super exciting to see the folks at Material Security close their Series C! Ryan NoonGrant Bauer and the team are seriously wonderful folks who are changing the game.

Prithvi Rai
Building the Guardrails for the Data Economy

Huge Congratulations to Ryan Noon and the Material Team - I love their relentless focus on keeping the customer experience first while solving a hard problem with email security - keep crushing it!!!!

Phil Ibarrola
TechOps, Group CIO North America & EMEA at ThoughtWorks

Congrats to Ryan Noon, Max Pollard and everyone Material Security on securing their Series C funding. Anyone worried about email security should check them out.


You’ve got mail. 📧

Attackers usually view email as a way in - not the actual target. Plot twist: it’s both.

We're teaming up with @Material_Sec to empower end users by giving them the tools they need to protect their info.

Your toolbox:

Gurjeet Singh
CEO and Co-founder at Oma Fertility

In a world where we know an attacker will inevitably get in, Material Security helps mitigate the consequences. A refreshing take on email security.#security #email.

Congratulations to Ryan Noon!

Avichal Garg
@avichal, Investor @ElectricCapital

Material Security @material_sec is a great example of how to re-imagine an experience as routine as email. 10x more secure and 10x better:… Congrats @internet_meme, @abhishek0918, and team on a fresh $40M

Anjum A.
Security at Cloudflare

Congrats Material Security team on raising series B. Love their novel approach to email security, and the amazing progress since the launch last summer. 👊

Jimmy Harrington
United States Air Force

After spending a few months with Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal and Chris Park, it’s no surprise that the creative minds at Material Security just landed a fantastic Series C. Just like a seatbelt or a parachute, Material Security tech protects your digital life even after an attacker breaks into a mailbox. Highly recommend checking them out at

Congrats on the Class C! I can't wait to see what comes next.

Yousuf Khan
Investor, former CIO, Advisor, Board Member

I was fortunate to have met with Ryan, Abhishek, and Chris during the early days of building an email security product. I arrived at the meeting somewhat sceptical and was expecting a set of PowerPoint slides and some whiteboarding. Instead, I immediately realised a great core product that solves a problem that every CIO and CISO worries about. While many companies take an approach to reduce your risk, there's only one that gives true assurance to IT and security teams that email and the data contained within it be truly secured. That company is Material Security, which announced their Series B on the back of a great year, a set of delighted customers and a stellar team that continues to build a transformative product. Congratulations to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal, Chris Park and the entire team on the recognition and wishing you continued success in the time ahead.

Martin Casado

Congrats to @material_sec! Great new logos in the announcement including Roblox, DoorDash, Databricks, Collective Health, Lyft, and Iterable ....

This really is the future of e-mail security. And it's so rare a new category is defined with this sort of velocity.

Peter Keenan
Chief Information Security Officer at Lazard

Well done Ryan Noon and team at #security Material Security!

Fredrick Lee
Chief Security Officer at Gusto

Wow. Congrats to the Material Security crew! I got the pleasure to meet Ryan Noon and Abhishek Agrawal several years ago when Material was just launching. I've been a happy customer ever since and keep recommending Material to all of my friends in the IT and Security space. This is a company that "gets it" when it comes to the intersection of security and usability. And the founders definitely "get it" when it comes to customer delight.

Trae Stephens
Partner, Founders Fund; Co-Founder, Anduril

I've been super hesitant to dive into the cyber security market given how crowded it is and how boring and mimetic most of the companies are.

But I've been following @internet_meme and the @material_sec team for a long time and believe me, they're definitely not boring.

Craig Holland
Infrastructure & Security SVP at Condé Nast

Congrats to Material Security on their series B! Been great to watch them grown over the last year and happy to see their approach to #emailsecurity is getting more $!

Eric Richard
SVP, Engineering Operations and CISO @HubSpot

Congratulations to Material Security on their Series B. Always good to see security companies succeeding. More security is better for all of us.

Ralph Loura
CIO / CTO / Board Member / Advisor

Congrats to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal , Chris Park and team at Material Security on a solid Series B raise ($40M). If you don’t have a “Zero Trust for Email” strategy, then do you really have a zero trust model at all?

Scott Schultz
Manager, Trust & Security at Amplitude

Material Security is one of our favorite products because it's so simple and pragmatic. So excited for the team on this milestone!

Kevin Henrikson
VP of Engineering at Instacart

Congrats Abhishek Agrawal Ryan Noon and Chris Park such a sweet way to approach email security from the inside.

Ryan Donnon
Director of IT at First Round Capital

Looking to add a product that takes a unique approach to your security stack? Check out Material Security!

I've been chatting with the team since before they even had a product for me to use and I can say that a ton of thought has gone into building this product and it adds a really great, unique approach to security that other products don't cover. #cybersecurity

@caseyjohnellis, founder/chair/cto @bugcrowd

got a run-through of @material_sec earlier today... very novel and clean approach to solving a number of systemic email security challenges. worth a look...

Dan Wendlandt
Co-founder / CEO at Isovalent

Email is the embarrassing security gap at the root of so many hacks and data leaks. I'm glad the great folks at Material Security are on the case. Congrats on the new funding!

Allen Jeter
Director of IT at Iterable

Massive Congratulations to Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal and the Material Security Team on their latest Series B round of funding.
Material is setting the bar for email security and truly leading the pack.
Cheers to the future and all the incredible features this round brings - Onwards and upwards 🚀

Kris Howitt
InfoSec Professional

Congrats to Ryan Noon and the team at Material Security on their latest Series B!
(I frequently use the Podesta incident as evidence and justification for cybersecurity and defense-in-depth measures. The articles online don't do enough justice after chatting with Ryan and hearing him explain his motivation and history.) Excited about this take on Zero Trust and E-mail.

Ryan Cox
Threat Detection and Response at @LyftEng

Congrats to the team at @material_sec on their Series B announced today. It's been fun working closely with @internet_meme and his team, watching the product evolve into something that is truly differentiated in a crowded space.

Salahuddin Choudhary

Users have 10x more information online than 10 years ago yet we haven’t seen a rethink of information security.

@material_sec assumes the attacker will get access and still protects you, works against social engineering!

Every political campaign should sign up by end of week :)

Sankar Dhinu
SW Engineering and Technology Leader

Elegant. Well thought out solution to an intractable problem in the security space. Best wishes!

Johnson Wu
Cyber Portfolio at Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

Only once in a blue moon do you find an "it just makes perfect sense!' product. Congrats to the team!

Michael Barrett
CISO (Latch, PayPal), Advisor, entrepreneur, security "reformer"

Over the years, I seem to have worried quite a bit about email security. I pioneered the practical use of email signing and blocking, back in 2007, which is what culminated in the DMARC standard a couple of years later. If you're not doing DKIM / SPF mail signing, and publishing a DMARC policy, then you're not properly protecting your email channel.

Similarly, most people these days regard strong authentication as a vital component of their overall email security strategy. Again, for entirely obvious reasons, I agree 100% with this. This is why we started FIDO back in 2012, and why its a vital piece of your overall email defenses. So, if you are not using strong authentication (perhaps using U2F) to protect your email channels, again you're not fully protecting it.

But wait, there's more! You still need to have instrumentation as to what's going on in your corporate email stream, and have the capability to reach into that stream and take quite specific actions - typically policy-based - if you see certain types of naughtiness. Open standards aren't going to help you here - rather, you're going to have to buy a tool to do this.

There are few vendors to choose from, and my absolute favorite these days is from Material Security. They raised a pretty large Series B round recently (, which would indeed lead you to suspect that I'm not the only person who has a lot of faith in them. So, again, if you don't have a tool such as Material Security's (or one of their competitors if you prefer!), you're still not doing email security right.

haroon meer

Three years ago, @internet_meme && @abhishek0918 talked to me about their Email Security startup: @material_sec

I loved it so much, i was actually slightly jealous (and would totally have broken my rule about moonlighting as an investor/advisor for them)

They just launched!

Christopher Cook
SVP - Information Technology at Mariner Wealth Advisors

If you are looking for a better way to secure email and prevent phishing, I've been very impressed with the Material Security approach.

Congrats Ryan, Abhishek & team!!

#zerotrust #emailsecurity

Darius Contractor
Chief Product and Technology Officer at Vendr

Congrats Ryan, Abhishek and Chris on Material Security's Series B! Great to bring strong email protection to more businesses.

Mandy Andress
CISO, Elastic

Congrats to Material Security on their Series B! They are doing incredible things with email security and have built quite the customer list.

Seth Currie-Rose
Head of IT at Gem

Congrats to the Material Security Team on their Series B! Keep up the amazing work building a cutting edge email security product.

Casey Carlton
Head of IT at Digit

Huge congrats to Ryan Noon, Chris Park, and the rest of the team at Material Security on their Series B! They’ve had a game-changing product from the very beginning, so I’m excited to see what more they’ll accomplish.


My most challenging chapter @dropbox was using our analytics system to track & repel a Russian cyberattack. @internet_meme & @abhishek0918 ran that system for years.

Email has many hard-to-fix insecurities. @material_sec fixes a lot of them. Thrilled they're taking off.

Amandeep Khurana
Data and Analytics Strategy, AWS

Congrats Ryan Noon and the Material team on the continued success and a nice Series B. Excited for you guys. It's rare to see this kind of feedback and excitement for a security product.

Dave Lavelle
Head of IT at Productiv

A huge congratulations to Ryan Noon and the rest of the Material Security team! Glad to see their quest to make email safe for all of us is resonating in a big way!

Jana Messerschmidt
@janamal, Founding Partner @HashtagAngels

Love what the team @material_sec is building - it’s such a simple and refreshing approach to email security! Their customers include @Roblox @DoorDash @databricks among many others. Worth checking out!

AJ Solimine
Founder, Managing Partner at 122 WEST VENTURES

Material Security might be the fastest we've seen to onboard enterprise customers like Lyft Roblox Sonos, Inc. Flexport Gusto PagerDuty and more...remarkable growth since our investment a couple years ago.

They just raised $40M from Elad Gil to fuel the 🚀🚀🚀 and further expand their email security platform. Congrats to Ryan Noon Chris Park Abhishek Agrawal on all the progress!

Neha Narkhede
@nehanarkhede, Co-creator @apachekafka, Co-founder and Board Member @confluentinc

The @material_sec team is on Excited to see their novel approach to email security get more $$ and customer . Congrats @internet_meme, @eladgil and the amazing Material team! Do check them out

Jean Yang
@jeanqasaur, Founder + CEO @akitasoftware

Congratulations @internet_meme and @abhishek0918 on the Series B raise for @material_sec!

Email security is more and more important these days and I'm glad you're working on it.

Jon Oberheide
@jonoberheide, Co-Founder and CTO at Duo Security
Robert Hackett
@rhhackett, Senior writer @FortuneMagazine

Exclusive: @material_sec just raised $40 million from folks like @eladgil & @a16z's @martin_casado. While a lot of email security startups are 'building a better phish-trap,' @internet_meme is actually locking down inboxes in a uniquely smart way.

Todd Jackson
@tjack, Partner @firstround. Former VP Product @Dropbox

Proud of @internet_meme, @abhishek0918, and the entire @material_sec team. First Round has long been a happy customer! And Roblox, Lyft, and DoorDash are good too :-)

Brian A. Hoyt
Advisor, previous Chief Information Officer at Unity Technologies

Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Chris Park Kevin Bayly

Great people solve great problems. Make email safer for all of us. Thank you and congrats on your latest round.

Material Security onward!

Andrew Peterson
Signal Sciences CEO and Co-Founder

So pumped for Ryan Noon and the entire Material Security team on the news dropping today about their new fund raise (40m$ 👀👀👀) They’re doing some really innovative things in the email security space (yes there is still innovation needed there!).

Check them out if you haven’t had a chance yet and read up about their success in the Fortune article by Robert Hackett.

Jeannette zu Fürstenberg
Founding Partner of La Famiglia VC

So awesome to see Ryan Noon and the Material Security team build on launch progress and raise their $40M Series-B led by Elad Gil and with participation from existing investor Andreessen Horowitz.

A completely new take on e-mail security! 📧

Zane Lackey
Co-Founder & Board Member of Signal Sciences

Super proud of the Material Security team (Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Chris Park) on this latest milestone!

Awesome team and fantastic product, I'm honored to be involved with them!

Ali Golshan
Co-Founder and CEO at

Congratulations to the Material Security team. RyanAbhishek, and Chris had a vision of building a security product that solved a massive problem, in an easy and effective way. Testament that great products can still win-- in security.

Anurag Goel
Founder and CEO at Render

Material Security has an incredibly impressive customer list, and they're just getting started.

Mansur Wadalawala
Information Systems at NEXT Trucking

Congrats Material Security! Unwanted eyes will get into your company email, despite your best efforts. This team has you covered. Really happy to see great people forming a great team to build a great product.

Viraj Mody
Co-Founder, CTO at Common Room

Congrats, Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal and the Material Security crew -- exciting to see the impact y'all are having.

Avid Larizadeh Duggan OBE
Entrepreneur, Investor, NED Barclays UK & Norrsken Foundation

Congrats to Ryan Noon, Abhishek Agrawal and the Material Security team on their series B to keep email safe even in the worst case scenario: an attacker gets into your account. Their incredible customer list is a testament to the awesome product they are building!
#security #cybersecurity

Gurjeet Singh
CEO and Co-founder at Thread Robotics

Proud of Ryan Noon! congratulations to Material Security on their huge series b. They protect your email even when an attacker as access to your account. It is magical, go check it out.

Josh Stout
Director of Technology / Partner, Pliancy

Our friends over at Material Security have created a real leap forward product in the email security space and just secured 40M for their Series B! Massive congrats to the team there! Can't wait to see where you all take it from here! #security #emailsecurity #startupfunding #infosec

Steve Comstock
Enterprise Transformation Advisor at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Congrats to Ryan Noon. Been a fan from the beginning and super excited to see your vision come together.

Caleb Fenton
@caleb_fenton, Head Of Innovation, SentinelOne

Great to see a hard working and innovative company like @material_sec raise such a solid series B. I hope they continue to bring a fresh perspective on #emailsecurity.

Mark Grover
@mark_grover, Founder at Stemma, co-creator of Amundsen

Congrats to @internet_meme and @material_sec team on their Series B. What an incredible customer list!

Sharat Ganesh
@SharatGanesh, Product Marketing Leader @Tanium / Advisory Board @itssafesecurity

Huge kudos to @internet_meme, @abhishek0918 and the entire team .@material_sec on their fantastic Series B. As Ryan said at launch a year ago, email is going nowhere, & MaterialSec just made it an order of magnitude simple to extend Zero Trust to email.

Alex Marshall
@alexmensch, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer @TwingateHQ

The @material_sec team is on 🔥! They've made some amazing progress since their launch last year, including collecting an impressive list of customers. Rooting for the success of @internet_meme and @abhishek0918!

Bilal Mahmood
@bilalmahmood, product @amplitude_hq

Congrats to @material_sec and @internet_meme on the Series B! They're helping everyone from @Roblox to @DoorDash with a novel approach to email security.

Ralph Loura
CIO / CTO / CDO / Board. Technology Executive and thought leader with a record of creating value.

I met Ryan Noon at Material Security really early on and was impressed with his thinking and his focus on a gnarly problem set that has historically resisted straight forward solutioning. I've enjoyed providing input, feedback, and watching them evolve to create something truly different. So awesome to see it finally unveiled to the world!

Jesse Johnson
Enterprise Security @ Sonos

It's been a really awesome force multiplier for us

Yousuf Khan
Chief Information Officer at Automation Anywhere

Email security continues to be a major area of focus for IT and Security teams. The team at Material Security has taken a very different approach to build a world-class product. Wishing you success in the time ahead Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Chris Park Kevin Bayly Alex P. #emailismaterial #emailsecurity

Ramy Houssani
Cyber Executive | Cloud & Data Strategy Enablement | IT Optimization | Privacy & Data Security | Risk & Regulations

#Security is a critical component of the #customerexperience across the #digitalchannels of any organization yet it is usually an overlooked topic in #cybersecurity programs. As Phil Venables once said: "...we need to keep making the secure path the easiest...and also create some enjoyment in how people interact with security".

It is time to extend #customercentricity to cyber and change the focus of Cyber #investments from a #technology one to a #customer (internal and external) one. The article below addresses one of the important dimensions around #identityandaccessmanagement In addition to this, we should be thinking about how to improve the #governance of the #digitalfootprint, address #emailsecurity (think some innovative solutions such as Material Security for customers), raise the game on #fraud #weaksignal #detection and actively profiling and tracking #adversaries.

Marguerite Bérard Sophie Heller Thomas J. Malta Ryan Noon Rami Efrati Chris Hubbell Robert Rodriguez Frederic Kerrest

Kamal Shah
@kdshah, VP, Cloud Platforms at Red Hat

Boom! @material_sec is en fuego! Ground breaking solution created brilliant founders (@internet_meme @abhishek0918) to tackle the massive #emailsecurity market opportunity. Impressive customers. A must check out for CISOs.

Seanie B.

I can see @material_sec being referred to as the prime example of how you reduce blast radius in #infosec. It's the equivalent of battening the hatches and and tying down the sails for any company.

Congratulations on the public launch @internet_meme, @abhishek0918 & co.


Excited to see @material_sec out of launch. I had the pleasure of getting a demo from @internet_meme before launch. Congrats team!

The most interesting approach to solving email security BEC/Phishing/ATOs I’ve seen in a while

Mitch Greenfield

Very exciting day for @material_sec! Awesome new email security product solving the problem totally different than everyone else!

Chris Probert

Congrats to @internet_meme and team on the launch of @material_sec. Email is always going to be a target for hackers, and Material adds an extra layer of defense to thwart inbox compromise. Glad to be working with Material @insitro.

☁️ David Ulevitch ☁️

While launching publicly today, @material_sec has spent the last year quietly signing up great customers with their modern approach to email and inbox security. Great product from a great team.

Harshil Parikh
Head of Security at Medallia

You guys are building something exciting and resetting the bar for what 'email security' is. Congratulations on the public launch Ryan Noon

Mindy Lieberman

One good thing to come out of the 2016 @johnpodesta hacks? @material_sec just launched inspired by what happened to him and stops attackers from stealing data even if they get in. Well done, team! The world needs more good guys.

dan wendlandt
@danwendlandt, Co-founder / CEO at Isovalent

Great to see the launch of @material_sec today:

A really strong team taking a novel approach of protecting the sensitive data, rather than trying to detect if an email is good/bad.

John Stewart
(fmr) SVP/CSTO Cisco

Congrats to Ryan Noon and the entire team at Material Security. It was just a moment ago it seems we were talking about the ideas and go to market - stoked to see how far you’ve progressed!

LI peeps, this is worth a look…email security is one of the top three issues we all worry about. This isn’t the same ‘ole approach.

Devdatta Akhawe
@frgx, Security @figma

So awesome to see @material_sec reach a $1.1B valuation! Have been a fan from the early days and can’t wait to see what they do next

Emilio Escobar
@eaescob, CISO @Datadoghq, passion for all things security, general nerd.

So awesome to see @material_sec reach a $1.1B valuation! Have supported the team from the early days and can’t wait to see what they do next. Congrats @internet_meme, @abhishek0918, and team!

Benjamin Doyle
CIO at ATN International

Congrats Ryan Noon  @christopherpark3  Abhishek Agrawal Material Security for your series C and your $1.1B valuation!