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We think it takes at least as much creativity to protect a technology as it does to invent it.

We're on a mission to fight the most fundamental problems in security and we're grateful for the support of creative security leaders across the world.

@cryps1s, CISO/Human at @PalantirTech

I have been ruminating on the Hafnium exchange exploit and my strongest defensive thesis is on @material_sec.

I am so bullish on their product for meaningfully derisking and detecting mailbox abuse.

Michael Barrett
CISO (Latch, PayPal), Advisor, entrepreneur, security "reformer"

I'm super excited to see Ryan bring Material Security out of stealth mode. What Material Security do is vital to any CISO who wants to get their internal email security under control. (Obviously, you should also be using DMARC/DKIM, but that will only take you so far.)

I am happy to say that we are customers of Ryan's and have found their solution incredibly useful.

Mark Clancy
VP Cybersecurity, CISO at Sprint

congrats! I just got the demo and this is the most interesting security solution I have seen in years. Best of success with the unveiling.

Keith Hoodlet
@securingdev, Senior Manager, @thermofisher

Just got off the phone with the folks @material_sec and I have to say, @internet_meme and the team have built a pretty amazing security product. I rarely walk away from a product demo and think “this is incredible”.

This was one of those moments.


You’ve got mail. 📧

Attackers usually view email as a way in - not the actual target. Plot twist: it’s both.

We're teaming up with @Material_Sec to empower end users by giving them the tools they need to protect their info.

Your toolbox:

haroon meer

Three years ago, @internet_meme && @abhishek0918 talked to me about their Email Security startup: @material_sec

I loved it so much, i was actually slightly jealous (and would totally have broken my rule about moonlighting as an investor/advisor for them)

They just launched!

Ralph Loura
CIO / CTO / CDO / Board. Technology Executive and thought leader with a record of creating value.

I met Ryan Noon at Material Security really early on and was impressed with his thinking and his focus on a gnarly problem set that has historically resisted straight forward solutioning. I've enjoyed providing input, feedback, and watching them evolve to create something truly different. So awesome to see it finally unveiled to the world!

Alex Tosheff
Vice President, Chief Security Officer @ VMware

It’s great to see a security company launch with end user experience as a core objective - worth the read. Ryan Noon Congrats on the launch!

Frederic Kerrest
Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder at Okta, Inc.

Love the partnership with Ryan Noon and the Material Security team - making "Zero trust for email" a reality for all organizations.

@fredrickl, CSO at Gusto

I don't get paid to talk about security products I like. I'm not on any advisory boards. I'm not an investor in any of them. I just like telling other people at *good* security companies that deliver *real* value and stand by their promises. @material_sec is the real deal.

Emilio Escobar
@eaescob, CISO @Datadoghq

Really excited to see the launch of @material_sec! Awesome user-friendly email security product and with the awesome backing and support from @a16z

Patrick Gray

I recorded a Soap Box this morning with @material_sec... their whole product was designed to lock down cloud mailboxes to make threat actor access to your o365/GSuite tenant pointless. I'm pretty much convinced their marketing team is behind the SolarWinds/Holiday Bear stuff. It's pretty cool stuff actually... super creative API use. I'll publish that one early next week I think.

Jesse Johnson
Enterprise Security @ Sonos

It's been a really awesome force multiplier for us

Yousuf Khan
Chief Information Officer at Automation Anywhere

Email security continues to be a major area of focus for IT and Security teams. The team at Material Security has taken a very different approach to build a world-class product. Wishing you success in the time ahead Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Chris Park Kevin Bayly Alex P. #emailismaterial #emailsecurity

Ramy Houssani
Cyber Executive | Cloud & Data Strategy Enablement | IT Optimization | Privacy & Data Security | Risk & Regulations

#Security is a critical component of the #customerexperience across the #digitalchannels of any organization yet it is usually an overlooked topic in #cybersecurity programs. As Phil Venables once said: "...we need to keep making the secure path the easiest...and also create some enjoyment in how people interact with security".

It is time to extend #customercentricity to cyber and change the focus of Cyber #investments from a #technology one to a #customer (internal and external) one. The article below addresses one of the important dimensions around #identityandaccessmanagement In addition to this, we should be thinking about how to improve the #governance of the #digitalfootprint, address #emailsecurity (think some innovative solutions such as Material Security for customers), raise the game on #fraud #weaksignal #detection and actively profiling and tracking #adversaries.

Marguerite Bérard Sophie Heller Thomas J. Malta Ryan Noon Rami Efrati Chris Hubbell Robert Rodriguez Frederic Kerrest

Kamal Shah

Pumped to see @material_sec finally unveil a completely new take on email security! Total #gamechanger! Excited to have supported @internet_meme @abhishek0918 Chris Park from the early days. #emailismaterial

Matthew Pecorelli
Director, Cybersecurity Operations

Shout out to the team at Material Security as they emerge from a long stealth mode this morning. They are a welcome and overdue answer to the current gaps in email security. #cybersecurity #cloudsecurity

Seanie B.

I can see @material_sec being referred to as the prime example of how you reduce blast radius in #infosec. It's the equivalent of battening the hatches and and tying down the sails for any company.

Congratulations on the public launch @internet_meme, @abhishek0918 & co.


Excited to see @material_sec out of launch. I had the pleasure of getting a demo from @internet_meme before launch. Congrats team!

The most interesting approach to solving email security BEC/Phishing/ATOs I’ve seen in a while

Rich Casselberry
Executive Director of Security, Architecture and Compliance at ATN International

I love the Material Security approach. Make email less valuable, versus try to constantly detect/respond.

I know I'm way oversimplifying, but my point is the approach is different from what we are doing today and worth spending time to understand.

Mitch Greenfield

Very exciting day for @material_sec! Awesome new email security product solving the problem totally different than everyone else!

@caseyjohnellis, founder/chair/cto @bugcrowd

got a run-through of @material_sec earlier today... very novel and clean approach to solving a number of systemic email security challenges. worth a look...

Amr Awadallah
VP of Developer Relations at Google Cloud (Twitter: @awadallah) Before: Founder @Cloudera, VP @Yahoo, PhD EE @Stanford

Very proud to be an investor in Material Security, they are building some real cool tech for preventing email hacks. In a nutshell, they are able to protect your sensitive email content even if your account gets compromised!

Joe Sullivan
Chief Security Officer (@ Cloudflare, Facebook, Uber) & Former Federal Prosecutor

In 2017 I met three guys who said they were going to build an email security startup. When they talked about what they planned to do, I got really excited because they were describing the exact problems my teams and I had been facing for years. I contributed a bit to helping them get started and have stayed in touch. I'm really happy to see that three years later their ideas have turned into a real product that will actually help us stay safer in email - our most important work productivity tool.

Elad Gil

Big congrats to Material Security on launch! Awesome product (protect email!), team and company.

Chris Probert

Congrats to @internet_meme and team on the launch of @material_sec. Email is always going to be a target for hackers, and Material adds an extra layer of defense to thwart inbox compromise. Glad to be working with Material @insitro.

☁️ David Ulevitch ☁️

While launching publicly today, @material_sec has spent the last year quietly signing up great customers with their modern approach to email and inbox security. Great product from a great team.

Zane Lackey
Co-Founder & Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences, Author of Building a Modern Security Program (O'Reilly Media)

For those who missed this yesterday, super excited to see Material Security launch and proud to be a part of the team! Huge Congrats to Ryan Noon Abhishek Agrawal Chris Park

ramsey homsany

Excited to see @internet_meme @abhishek0918 and Chris taking the wraps off this amazing product. Every company eventually gets breached through email.

@material_sec is the most clever and powerful way I’ve seen to protect against that inevitability.

Jason Mok

Excited for @material_sec to come out of stealth today! More here from @martin_casado:

Jonathan Haas

Absolutely. @internet_meme and team are building magic.

Danny Macias

Such a clever use of @duosec to protect actual email messages! Congrats on the launch @material_sec!…

#emailismaterial @internet_meme @abhishek0918

Jason Waits

Their demo was fantastic. Definitely a fresh take on email security. Probably be first tool I've seen that works equally well if you're on Gmail or 0365.

Eddie Garcia
CIO, C|CISO, CISO, DPO, Chief Information Officer at Cloudera

Congrats to the Material Security team on their launch today! Proud to be one of their earliest customers.

We had a shared vision of enabling every employee at Cloudera to protect each other from phishing and growing security awareness. Material's Phishing Herd Immunity has become a foundation of our phishing defense and exceeded our expectations. It’s the rare kind of security product that’s loved by our Security and IT teams as well as employees. More on our story here:

Harshil Parikh
Head of Security at Medallia

You guys are building something exciting and resetting the bar for what 'email security' is. Congratulations on the public launch Ryan Noon

Fredrick Lee
Chief Security Officer at Gusto

I love this trend of security companies moving security controls closer to the assets and increasing the attack cost. Solid crew at Material Security and looking forward to watching the company’s evolution.

Salahuddin Choudhary

Users have 10x more information online than 10 years ago yet we haven’t seen a rethink of information security.

@material_sec assumes the attacker will get access and still protects you, works against social engineering!

Every political campaign should sign up by end of week :)

Mindy Lieberman

One good thing to come out of the 2016 @johnpodesta hacks? @material_sec just launched inspired by what happened to him and stops attackers from stealing data even if they get in. Well done, team! The world needs more good guys.

Johnson Wu
Cyber Portfolio at Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

Only once in a blue moon do you find an "it just makes perfect sense!' product. Congrats to the team!

Sankar Dhinu
SW Engineering and Technology Leader

Elegant. Well thought out solution to an intractable problem in the security space. Best wishes!

Bilal Mahmood

Congrats @internet_meme and @material_sec on the launch! The slickest email security company I've seen.

With $22M in funding from @a16z as well!

Ruchi Sanghvi

Material turns the problem on its head and asks: what if the attacker is already inside? What do they want? What can they do? What’s the simplest way to mitigate that risk without hurting usability?

Jean-Denis Greze

Such a clever use of @duosec to protect actual email messages! Congrats on the launch @material_sec!

dan wendlandt

Great to see the launch of @material_sec today:

A really strong team taking a novel approach of protecting the sensitive data, rather than trying to detect if an email is good/bad.

Alexander Watson
CEO & Co-founder @ Gretel

Neat company, great perspective on security. Congrats on the launch Ryan Noon and team!

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