Block Data Exfiltration Paths

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by applying fine-grained access controls directly to emails in the mailbox

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Employee mailboxes are an untenable sprawl of confidential or regulated company data. The business needs to hold onto years of email, and it’s near impossible to wrangle it all in the name of governance and compliance. It’s hard to know information exists and where it’s being shared. Any exfiltration event, whether intentional or accidental, carries serious consequences in terms of financial loss, IP theft, and reputational damage.

Traditional DLP relies on outbound detections, lacking visibility or control for data at rest.

Even with DLP in place, bad actors exfiltrate data via other channels.

Well-meaning employees can unintentionally be a conduit for data loss via improper sharing.

The Material Difference

Material protects email data where it lives in the mailbox—a more effective way to prevent unwanted exposure compared to relying on an outbound detection (which only addresses one means of exfiltrating data)

Smart Data Classification

Material syncs employee mailboxes over time, building out a structured model of historical content. Our solution includes dozens of built-in content classification categories, and allows you to create your own based on the nature of your business.

Email Data Redaction

Email messages that contain sensitive data are redacted according to your personalized grace period timing, replaced with a helpful message explaining why the data was locked and how to retrieve it.

Fine-grained Access

Locked messages contain a step up authentication prompt. If the authenticated user is valid and passes the challenge, the original message is seamlessly restored in their mailbox. If the challenge fails, the email remains locked, and incident response teams are notified to investigate a potential compromise.

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With Material's Data Protection, we can further protect sensitive data in email. We can show these controls to our auditors, assure our customers, and reduce the risk of loss.

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