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January 08, 2024 · 4m read

Worried about SEC impacts in 2024? Join Our AMA.

Ivan Dwyer 


After the SolarWinds security incident and subsequent proceedings drew a great deal of public interest, more emphasis has been placed on the legal consequences of security breaches. And at the end of the year, new rules were brought into effect by the SEC that govern the disclosure of security incidents that could have a material impact on investor confidence.

We've spoken to many colleagues in the Security space, and what's conspicuously alike is the uncertainty concerning both corporate responsibilities and personal liabilities. Being experienced industry professionals, we're used to tackling business and technical doubts, but in many ways, this is uncharted territory. So much of the Security function is risk management, knowing all too well that there is no silver bullet and no guarantees – how far is the SEC going to reach with its precedence here?

As we wrote in a blog post last November, What Constitutes Material Impact? The SEC Needs You To Know, the open question is — who decides what's "material", and are security incidents securities fraud? Expanding on that, there’s been a lot of chatter around:

- How transparent should we be to meet guidelines without giving attackers clues?

- Why am I personally on the hook for security incidents when we’re doing everything we can?

- Who should be communicating externally – Security, Legal, Communications?

- When should we report incidents when issues are constantly being handled?

- What can we do to minimize the consequences in the case of a breach event?

We believe the best way to support you in this situation is to help answer some of the pressing questions that many of you may have. We aren't acting purely as a technology vendor here, but rather as a steward of the community. As many of the most difficult questions have to do with Legal and Insurance, not solely related to technology and personnel, we've put together a panel of industry experts for a confidential “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session.

Join us live on Jan 25th at 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET for a live readout with our expert panel.

To get your pressing questions answered, add them to this Google Form here. Then register for the live AMA here.

About Our Panel

Andy Lunsford

CEO & Co-Founder | BreachRX

Andy Lunsford is the CEO and Co-Founder of BreachRx, an automated incident reporting and response platform. He founded BreachRx to help companies of all sizes take back control of incident response so that they can spend more time focused on their businesses and customers. Prior to founding BreachRx, Andy spent 15 years as a privacy and cybersecurity attorney focused on defending companies in data breach litigation.

Anne Juntunen

Claims Lead | Coalition

Anne Juntunen leads the Claims Team at Coalition, bringing over 19 years of robust experience in the legal domain. Renowned for her seasoned expertise, Anne not only possesses a wealth of practical knowledge in law but has also contributed significantly to the field through numerous published works.

Ivan Dwyer

Product Marketing | Material 

Ivan Dwyer leads Product Marketing at Material, covering the intersection of email, data, and identity security. An early advocate for Zero Trust, Dwyer has been a founder and leader in the Security space at companies including ScaleFT, Okta, and IAM Pulse.