Contain Account Takeovers

Detect compromised email accounts and reduce their blast radius via added layers of MFA when attempting to access data and applications

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There’s more than one way to compromise an email account. Attackers are getting better at hiding their presence, potentially remaining undetected for months. The level and depth of accessibility from a compromised email account reaches far across the enterprise, yet the typical controls are often no more than an authenticated user session—which can be hijacked or bypassed by sophisticated attackers.

Between stolen credentials, malicious OAuth applications, and MFA bypasses, there are many ways to compromise email accounts

The cloud operating model makes it challenging to distinguish account takeovers from normal business use

Email accounts are a fast way for attackers to gain access to a wide range of systems that result in costly data breaches

The Material Difference

Our solution is designed to “assume breach”, applying direct email account protections and behavioral analysis to prevent lateral movement, unauthorized access, and data exfiltration scenarios

User Behavior Analysis

Our depth of visibility into your underlying email systems enables us to pinpoint misconfigurations and user behaviors that could indicate an account compromise such as mail forwarding rules, password reset attempts, or historical data retrieval.

Monitoring & Alerting

Numerous signals within Material can be used as a canary, alerting incident response teams to investigate – for example, because we apply step up authentication to sensitive emails, repetitive failed retrieval attempts are highly suggestive of a compromise.

Account Containment

Even within a compromised mailbox, Material prevents attackers from accessing sensitive data and disables the ability to reset passwords to downstream applications via email.

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Taking a Zero Trust approach to email security is critical because malicious content is always going to get through. Blockers might catch 98% of attacks, but the answer is not to get from 98% to 99% because it's still not bulletproof. It's better to take that money and invest in something like Material.

Thomas Brittain

Director of InfoSec

Containing account takeovers at leading organizations of all kinds