Data Protection for Email

A new way to keep email safe

With intuitive capabilities to discover and protect sensitive content, Material Data Protection is the modern approach to email DLP that creates minimal operational hassle and keeps users productive.

How it works

A fresh approach to solving one of the most fundamental problems in security: protecting sensitive data.

Karthik Rangarajan

Director, Security and Privacy, Robinhood

Remove PII and other non-compliant data from mailboxes

Limit the impact of a breached mailbox—without a retention policy debate

Address insider threats and protect sensitive content from offboarding employees

Identify and track sensitive messages

Get ahead of data loss, reputational damage, and compliance concerns. Material continuously detects sensitive data in mailboxes and gives powerful insights into who has it, where it went, and how to manage it.

Built-in detection

Get started immediately with built-in classifiers for PII, PHI, financial data, and other common types of sensitive information.

Custom data types

Define custom matching criteria or integrate with third-party tools to fit your organization's unique needs.

Powerful analytics

Understand which accounts and partners handle the most sensitive email and what risk factors make them vulnerable with built-in reports or custom analytics in Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and more.

Unprecedented protection.

Powered by a familiar workflow.

Leverage your existing identity or MFA provider to keep sensitive content safe. Material redacts sensitive messages at rest—keeping them secure even if an account is compromised. Users can still retrieve messages whenever they need them after a simple verification step.



Material rewrites sensitive messages in user mailboxes to remove sensitive content and attachments.



Users request access to sensitive messages on-demand by authenticating with an existing identity provider or verification workflow.



After verification, Material restores messages directly to the user's mailbox. Unlocking works across all devices and mail apps without any per-user installs.

Grace periods

Choose how long to wait before redacting messages so that you can secure content while staying out of users' way.

Tailored protection

Configure classification, redaction, and unlocking settings by content category, user, group, or domain.

Access log

Monitor and rate-limit sensitive content access with the built-in access log.

Move past legacy Email DLP

Skip the security theater

Blocking emails doesn't stop someone from stealing data via other means. Unlike traditional DLP products, Material protects sensitive messages at rest—so you don't have to worry about all the different ways someone could exfiltrate them.

Get unlimited retention without unlimited risk

You shouldn't have to choose between security and productivity. Material redacts archived sensitive emails so you can set longer retention policies without increasing the risk of data loss.

Reduce alert fatigue

Traditional DLP alerts are rarely actionable and create unnecessary busywork. Material replaces alerts with a secure end-user workflow powered by your existing identity provider.

Protecting accounts at organizations of all shapes and sizes

Simple to deploy, run, and trust

Material integrates in minutes via Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace APIs with zero downtime. Customers get a single-tenant, isolated instance and complete control over the underlying infrastructure.

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Painless deployment

Implement protections selectively for specific users or teams. Material deploys instantly via APIs without affecting email delivery.

Your data, owned by you

Deploy into an isolated, single-tenant instance. Have it managed by Material or exclusively by your team.

Fully extensible

Use the Material API and built-in integrations to export events, build custom workflows, and leverage existing security investments.