Data Protection for Google Drive

Find and fix risky sharing

Control the sprawl of sensitive data throughout your Google Drive footprint with a modern approach to data loss prevention (DLP) that includes intuitive search and bulk remediation.

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Google Drive is where your confidential information is shared—by design. Material helps prevent IP theft, contain careless users, and stop malicious activities for better peace of mind.

Gain a clear view of your confidential data in the places it’s used and shared the most

Address inappropriate external sharing and excessive permissions with swift remediations

Prove posture for compliance by showing where sensitive data lives and how it’s protected

Expressive Search and Discovery

Uncover blind spots and risky behaviors

Material exposes an intuitive search interface designed to pinpoint toxic combinations of sensitive data, excessive permissions, and external sharing.

Sensitive Content Detection Engine

Identify files with sensitive content

Get relevant file information, permissions, and sensitive content highlighting in a single view. Material employs a multi-faceted ML detection engine purpose-built for file types—covering personal, financial, health, and confidential data categories.

Bulk Access Control

Prevent unwanted data leaks

Restrict sharing from specific destinations without breaking valid external access. Material enables bulk access revocation scoped to external domains based on fine-grained search criteria.

A data platform purpose-built

for in-depth data protection

Data Protection for Google Drive is powered by a structured, highly-scalable data platform of historical file content, metadata, permissions and settings. It works securely in your environment at the scale in which you operate.



Material scans your synced files against our custom set of ML detections across a range of categories, adding labels accordingly



We model permission sets across files and folders, giving you a quick way to see who and where they’re shared



You can take action on individual files or in bulk from a custom search, revoking permissions and public sharing settings with ease

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Keeping the productivity suite productive at organizations of all shapes and sizes

Simple to deploy, run, and trust

Material integrates in minutes via Google Workspace APIs with zero downtime or end-user agents. Customers get a single-tenant, isolated instance and complete control over the underlying infrastructure.

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Painless deployment

Implement protections selectively for specific users or teams. Material deploys instantly via APIs without affecting email delivery.

Your data, owned by you

Deploy into an isolated, single-tenant instance. Have it managed by Material or exclusively by your team.

Fully extensible

Use the Material API and built-in integrations to export events, build custom workflows, and leverage existing security investments.