Material for Google Workspace

Secure the Cloud Office

Get in-depth coverage for email-based attacks, shared document sprawl, and user behavior analytics across Google Workspace with a cloud-native security suite designed for speed and scale

Gain the Material Advantage
Intelligent Defenses

Handle Email-Based Attacks

Stop sophisticated phishing, BEC, fraud, and impersonation attacks with multi-layered threat detection & response workflows

Right-Sized Access

Prevent Email Data Exposure

Apply step up authentication directly to messages that contain sensitive or regulated data

File Search & Discovery

Revoke External Sharing

Control the sprawl of sensitive data throughout your Google Drive footprint with a modern approach to data loss prevention (DLP) that includes intuitive search and bulk remediation.

Real-Time Visibility

Remediate Risky Settings

Gain in-depth and actionable insights to pinpoint and fix high risk user behaviors and misconfigurations

Account Protections

Combat Shadow IT

Identify and fix legacy auth configurations and unsanctioned app usage to reduce user risk

How it Works

Material makes actionable sense of raw and unstructured Google Workspace data and events, enabling advanced capabilities that would be near impossible to achieve otherwise

Avoid material impacts. Gain the Material advantage.

Your productivity suite isn't just another application – it's critical infrastructure. We treat it as such, bringing a true force multiplier to your security team and risk management programs.

Accelerated defense-in-depth

The ever-changing threat landscape demands layered defenses and streamlined response workflows for security teams overwhelmed by attack volume. Material addresses the entire threat lifecycle, stopping advanced attacks in their tracks while limiting the impact of compromised accounts in breach scenarios.

Less worrisome vulnerabilities

Heightened security posture across Google Workspace effectively shrinks the attack surface, drastically lowering the chances of a successful attack. Material continuously reinforces vulnerable configurations and behaviors, ensuring your organization’s security resilience in the cloud.

Minimized breach impact

With severe financial and reputational damage constantly looming, security and risk management requires more in-depth coverage. Material is purpose-built to address gaps, surface issues, and simplify operations to ensure your Microsoft 365 environment is effectively secured.

Securing the cloud office at organizations of all shapes and sizes

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