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Our demo starts with an attacker in a mailbox

Connect with our team to see how Material proactively protects sensitive content and applications even after email accounts are compromised or suspicious messages evade existing blockers.

Loved by the security community

Troy Wilkinson

CISO at Interpublic Group (IPG)

The team at Material Security has built a really interesting product that completely bypasses how everybody has thought about email security historically. Congrats Ryan Noon & the entire Material team!
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Christian Ghigliotty

Security Engineering Manager—Application

“Within about six months of deploying Material, we were able to not only automate our response, but also plug that into our on-call metrics to measure the improvements. With Material’s API, we can take a big problem like phishing and break it into bite size chunks to do things in a more advanced way.”

Ben Hagen

@benhagen, 2x Presidential Election & Emmy Award Winning Security Otter

Super excited to see the growth of non-snake oil security startups. Rare to see new entrants in the space actually improve the state of security with innovative approaches. @material_sec's mission is personal to me.

Matt Muller

@the_mullinator, Trust and security at Coinbase

The number of security vendors I truly admire is… very very small, but @material_sec makes the list for sure. Really excited to see @internet_meme and @abhishek0918 keep building.

Veejay Leswal


“Material’s solution is brilliant and simple. It enables you to protect the long tail of email while still keeping it available to employees. It helps protect us from day zero to whenever.”

Andrew Becherer

Chief Information Security Officer at Iterable

If you manage corporate IT security and haven't been following Material Security I recommend checking them out. They bring solutions to email problems that felt intractable and I really appreciate their deployment model.

Keith Hoodlet

@securingdev, Senior Manager, @thermofisher

Just got off the phone with the folks @material_sec and I have to say, @internet_meme and the team have built a pretty amazing security product. I rarely walk away from a product demo and think “this is incredible”.

This was one of those moments.

David Cook

Chief Information Security Officer

“Typically, if someone gets into the mailbox, it’s game over. What intrigued me about Material is that it wasn’t trying to say, ‘Hey, let’s block all the bad guys coming into your email.’ It was more about ‘They’re gonna get through. What can we do to protect your critical assets?’.”

Ryan McGeehan

@Magoo, Researches ATO @, Writes "Starting Up Security" @, tweets horror stories @badthingsdaily!

Very happy to see @material_sec growing. They've built smart mitigations for tough problems. Good work @internet_meme, @abhishek0918 and Chris Park!

Adam Zollman

@azollman, Network defender. Threaty, buildy things @NBCUniversal. he/him

Stoked for @material_sec. It's seriously cool tech, and always nice to see what a genuinely novel approach to a hard problem in security looks like. (Congrats!)

Jake Bilyak

IT DevSecOps Engineer at HackerOne

"The plan was to find something more holistic for email security. We always consider how to best maintain security and privacy while improving usability across our entire tech stack. Material balances both."

Michael Keithley


We need more companies starting from first principles thinking about securing apps from the inside out. @material_sec has done exactly this for securing email. Highly recommended!

Don Magee

@DonMagee, Cloud Architect, Security Engineer, heavily opinionated.

I really love @material_sec and how easy it makes it to protect our company’s email systems. This morning I saw a phish in my inbox. I flagged it as phishing and instantly the email was defanged and I received this email.

Nico Waisman

Head of Security & Privacy

"If we review the last 5 years of incidents across multiple industries, both sophisticated and wide-spread attacks started with a successful intrusion through phishing. Material gives us an extra layer of protection when it matters most—and accelerates our detection and response time by delivering a strong workflow."

Pippin Wallace

Principal Security Engineer, Figure Technologies

Honestly one of the best security products I've used and its value is apparent in their unique approach. I am sure more companies will try to imitate what Material is doing as it just makes sense.

Ricky ..

Security Engineering in EPD, Security at Gusto & B-SidesSF Organizer

One of our favorite modern security tech stack tools: @material_sec. We love partnering with this team! Excited to see their novel approach gain traction.

Matt Pecorelli

Director - Cybersecurity Operations

“Material was simple to operate and trust even at our scale. There was no complex implementation and no disruption to go into production, and we had full access to our own cloud instance throughout. Within a couple of hours of deployment, we could analyze all the email data for all our domains across North America. It was remarkable.”

Daniel Gray

Director, Corporate IT Services at Oportun

I’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the years and Material Security has blown me away every step of the way. They have the best team in the world but what’s more impressive is their product.

Ryan Donnon

Director of IT at First Round Capital

Looking to add a product that takes a unique approach to your security stack? Check out Material Security!

I've been chatting with the team since before they even had a product for me to use and I can say that a ton of thought has gone into building this product and it adds a really great, unique approach to security that other products don't cover. #cybersecurity

Fredrick "Flee" Lee


“At Gusto, every employee is serious about protecting our customers and ecosystem.  We are using Material to take full advantage of the underlying APIs in our cloud email to protect against phishing, reduce ATO attacks, prevent sensitive data leakage, and more.”


@caseyjohnellis, founder/chair/cto @bugcrowd

got a run-through of @material_sec earlier today... very novel and clean approach to solving a number of systemic email security challenges. worth a look...