Phishing Protection

Stop email-based attacks

Protect your organization from sophisticated email attacks with one solution for advanced inbound detection, threat hunting, abuse-mailbox automation, and real-world training—all built to complement the native defenses you already have.

How it works

Material gives us an extra layer of protection when it matters most by accelerating our detection and response time.

Nico Waisman

CISO, Lyft

Detect malicious messages and automate response with flexible remediation options

Complement your email provider’s native protection

Train users on real-world attacks seen in your environment

Comprehensive inbound protection

With built-in detection, abuse mailbox integration, and custom rules, Material uses a multi-faceted approach to detect evasive attacks that bypass Microsoft and Google security.

AI-based detection

Material combines threat research and machine learning to detect BEC, VIP impersonation, and other attacks that bypass Microsoft and Google.

Custom rules

Use search operators and syntax to build, test and deploy custom detections for known IOCs and active phishing campaigns in minutes.

User reports

Automate your abuse-mailbox. Capture, investigate, and remediate user-reported messages.

Google and Microsoft alerts

Automatically remediate threats identified by your email provider post-delivery. Material ingests and operationalizes native alerts, so you don't have to.

Automatic triage and remediation 

Instantly remediate attacks with unique remediations that balance security and end-user productivity. Streamline your triage workflow with a single feed of all suspicious messages, regardless of attack type or detection source.

Granular, post-delivery remediation

Automatically speed-bumping links and attachments post-delivery introduces a new way to balance security and end-user productivity while reducing response time.

Herd immunity

Material automatically analyzes reported messages to find similar threats and automatically de-escalate false positives.

Instant search

Threat hunt across all tenants and platforms with instant, full-text message search and powerful bulk actions.

Painless phishing training

Phishing training doesn't have to suck for you and your users. With Material, you can leverage actual attacks seen in your environment for new simulations while avoiding the deliverability and tracking issues that plague legacy simulation tools.

Train users on real attacks

Stop training users with messages that would have been blocked anyway. Use attacks that got through as templates for new simulations with just a few clicks.

Deliver via API

Material uses native APIs to deliver simulations directly, so you don't have to deal with allow lists, MX records, or the false positives that drive you and your users crazy.

Use existing reporting methods

Allow users to report messages via various methods—no new workflows or retraining required.

Protecting accounts at organizations of all shapes and sizes

Simple to deploy, run, and trust

Material integrates in minutes via Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace APIs with zero downtime. Customers get a single-tenant, isolated instance and complete control over the underlying infrastructure.

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Painless deployment

Implement protections selectively for specific users or teams. Material deploys instantly via APIs without affecting email delivery.

Your data, owned by you

Deploy into an isolated, single-tenant instance. Have it managed by Material or exclusively by your team.

Fully extensible

Use the Material API and built-in integrations to export events, build custom workflows, and leverage existing security investments.