Posture Management

Get a blueprint for reducing risk

Material Posture Management continuously monitors your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace environment, so your team can identify, prioritize, and remediate the most common risk factors—without drowning in alerts.

How It Works

You can’t protect what you don’t know. No more guessing that something's risky when we can measure it.

Lisa Hall

Director - Information Security, PagerDuty

Measure risky user behavior and poor security hygiene

Fix misconfiguration and vulnerabilities due to legacy settings

Discover unsanctioned apps and risky partners in your organization

Identify misconfigurations and risky user behavior

Material finds MFA bypasses, permissive OAuth grants, risky forwarding, and other unsafe attributes in your cloud office environment and pairs them with simple, suggested remediations.

Material provides a macro view of email risk and also distills it down to facilitate security conversations with non-technical senior leadership. It not only provides critical inputs into our cloud strategy, but also drives real conversations and enforcement of controls.

Matt Pecorelli

Director - Cybersecurity Operations, Mars

Case Study

Identify Google Groups vulnerable to spam and spoofing

Chris Long

Director of Security, Material


Audit third-party apps and partners

Accounts outside your control are often the weakest link in your overall security posture. Material uses email data to continuously discover apps and partners in your organization, who works with them, and what risks they carry.

How to Monitor Shadow IT using Material Security and Snowflake

Max Pollard

Security Architect Manager, Material Security


None of the info in the Material dashboards is irrelevant. There’s almost always something actionable we can do or an action we can think of doing with the information presented.

Jake Bilyak

IT DevSecOps Engineer, HackerOne

Case Study
Protecting accounts at organizations of all shapes and sizes

Simple to deploy, run, and trust

Material integrates in minutes via Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace APIs with zero downtime. Customers get a single-tenant, isolated instance and complete control over the underlying infrastructure.

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Painless deployment

Implement protections selectively for specific users or teams. Material deploys instantly via APIs without affecting email delivery.

Your data, owned by you

Deploy into an isolated, single-tenant instance. Have it managed by Material or exclusively by your team.

Fully extensible

Use the Material API and built-in integrations to export events, build custom workflows, and leverage existing security investments.

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