Stop Sophisticated Email Attacks

Leverage the combined power of AI, behavioral analysis, custom detections, and collective intelligence to thwart new flavors of email attacks with precision and speed

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New attacks are harder to spot at greater volumes than your security team can handle. The legacy and so-called modern email security market has left you with two extreme options – write and maintain your own set of detection rules or trust a black box with no way to customize. Either route is a burden on security teams when testing and tuning rules or building and implementing response workflows.

Attackers leverage tactics & techniques that evade traditional defenses at large scale

No single line of defense will cover the full threat landscape no matter how many rules are deployed

Clunky tools that only offer coarse-grained remediations lead to added busywork

The Material Difference

We take a pragmatic approach to inbound email detection that takes direct aim at new flavors of sophisticated attacks with the right balance of coverage and flexibility to be a force multiplier across your security operations

Multi-Layered detection

We keep up with the dynamic attack landscape through a combination of an out-of-the-box AI-powered detection engine, support for custom detections, and ingestion of post-delivery native alerts.

Best-in-class precision

Our detection logic and real world issue handling are continuously verified by our in-house threat research team, focused on maintaining the highest accuracy rate in the market.

Surgical remediations

You have the flexibility to choose how to automatically handle attack campaigns as they’re detected – apply a speedbump, block links, move to spam, or outright delete.

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Email is the number one vector through which credentials get compromised and data is exfiltrated. Material protects the users from themselves and from increasingly sophisticated attackers.

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