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April 03, 2023 · 5m read

Material Security at BSidesSF and RSA Conference 2023

Material team 


We’re back! Here’s a quick summary on where you can find the Material Security team throughout the week of BSidesSF and RSA Conference. Stop by to meet the team, grab some limited edition swag, and hang out. 👋

1. Hang with us at BSidesSF

Our team is sponsoring BSidesSF again! Find us in the main hall, attending sessions, and passing out some swag over the weekend. Check out the full BSidesSF schedule here.

2. Refuel at our suite next to Moscone Conference Center

We have a suite just around the corner from the main conference. Swing by to meet the team, beat the crowds for some good local food and drink, and escape from the conference mayhem. We’ll also have some limited edition swag, so don’t miss your chance to snag the latest and greatest.

If you want to schedule 1:1 time with our team, you can book directly using this meeting link or email us at info@material.security.

3. Have a chill night with us and your friends!

Large parties and over-the-top entertainment not your scene? Swing by our spot for a chill evening with your friends. In the evenings we'll have video games, beer and wine, and snacks. Bring your friends and come hang out for some casual fun. RSVP here to get on the waitlist.