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May 16, 2024 · 3m read

Material's take on RSA 2024

Material Team 


If you attended RSA this year, you got to experience the conference in full swing! From the airport to the hotels, San Francisco was full to the brim with security folks. As always, the expo floor was a vast sea of booths and badge scanners. Instead of making an appearance inside of the Moscone Center, Material set up shop around the corner. This allowed us to invite people into a relaxed space for a cup of coffee, quick product demos, or 1:1 meetings with our executive team. We spoke with some Material team members that attended RSA to get their take on what was most successful and what insights they gathered from their conversations.

Material team at RSA

Rethink email security with Material

“This was my first time attending RSA, and it didn’t disappoint! I had the opportunity to meet so many different people in the security space, and I loved that Material opted for our own dedicated space. Our pop-up lounge allowed for even more interaction and insightful conversations with those who were looking to learn more about our holistic approach to email security. It was such an awesome experience.” - Marina Remick, Solutions Engineer

Material RSA space demos

“I think this was my 10th RSA and was so excited to offer a place for people outside of the crowded show floor. Not only were we able to have meaningful conversations with people curious about our solutions, but I also loved that the Material team was able to bond at the conference. Preparing for RSA is really collaborative and also kicks off a lot of momentum around events for the rest of the year.” - Lexy Marchbank, Director of Field Marketing

Material's RSA space

“People loved that they were getting a tailored demo based on what they were sharing with me, and especially in a world where we’re primarily meeting with folks over Zoom, there is nothing better than getting to demo in-person over a cup of coffee. I could tell each person I talked to appreciated that experience as well. A lot of the people I spoke with were quick to call out why Material is better than traditional email security, and I think that really confirmed our belief that there’s a huge opportunity to continue disrupting this space and provide better email protection than what’s been offered historically by other solutions.” - Marina Remick, Solutions Engineer

Our swag booth this year was also a big hit! We returned with some of our most popular items, like our “don’t email me” hat and shirts, and also added some more limited edition items, including a “gone phishing” hat and “attachment issues” bag. We still have some “don’t email me” shirts in stock. If you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself, you can request one here!

Don't email me hat from Material at RSA