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April 08, 2024 · 1m read

Meet with Material at RSA 2024

Material Team 


This year at RSA 2024, we have an exciting lineup for folks flocking to San Francisco! We know the week can feel extra crazy and overwhelming with over-the-top attention-grabbing efforts and events happening in different spots. That’s why we are hosting an all-in-one space to welcome you and your team to Material’s lounge for a cup of coffee, exclusive executive meetings, and our evening party. We promise we won’t scan your badge, but we will promise some good company and some limited edition swag!

Here are three ways you can come visit us and our space right across the street from Moscone West at 165 ½ 4th St.

  1. Book a meeting with our executive team: If you’d like to request some time to meet with one of our executives to see what we’ve been up to (psst: we launched Data Protection for Google Drive), you can request a meeting time and someone will be in touch. Request a meeting!
  2. Come party with us at our evening event: If large parties and over-the-top entertainment are not your scene, swing by our spot for a chill evening with your friends after the conference wraps up on Tuesday evening. Grab a drink on your way to your next event! Register here!
  3. Skip the coffee line and swing by our lounge: Need to step away from the RSA chaos? Pop into our space to grab a coffee and snag some snacks. If you want some of our super fun swag (that we ran out of last year) you can reserve your goodies ahead of time here. Reserve your swag!

Material lounge hours: 

Tuesday | 9am-4pm

Wednesday | 9am-4pm

Thursday | 9am-3pm

See you in San Francisco!