Secure email from every angle

Material is a multi-layered detection and response toolkit for email. It stops sophisticated email-based attacks and contains the blast radius of compromised accounts.

The status quo is incomplete. Complete email security  requires understanding and addressing all forms of email attacks.

Email as an attack method

New flavors of sophisticated phishing, malware, fraud, BEC, and social engineering attacks require advanced detection techniques.

Email as an attack vector

Compromised accounts enable elevated access to critical systems and apps, which require monitoring and lateral movement prevention.

Email as an attack target

Employee mailboxes are a treasure trove of confidential company data, which require added access governance and controls.

Uniquely Material
Uniquely Yours

API-based email security is table stakes. We go the extra mile to continuously sync and enrich your raw Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace content and events into a structured, historical data model that enables a heightened level of visibility, intelligence, and extensibility that would be difficult and costly to achieve otherwise.

Maniacally precise

Material's threat detection and data classification engine has best-in-class precision to maximize true positives across a range of attack types and risk areas.

Unmatched depth

Material's underlying data model combines contents, logs, and settings data to supercharge investigations.

Securely isolated

Every Material customer instance is deployed into a single-tenant cloud environment for flexible control over operations.

Loved by the security community

Forward thinking security leaders across the globe recognize the need for a new approach to email security