Enforce Email Data Governance

Satisfy email data protection and compliance policies while keeping users productive by applying fine-grained access controls to sensitive messages

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You’re caught in a bind with your email retention policies. On the one hand, you want to implement strict email retention policies to reduce your exposure. On the other hand, users want long-term access to old emails to stay productive. From a risk perspective, just one employee’s mailbox is a treasure trove of confidential data ripe for attackers—spread that out across the workforce, and you have an untenable data sprawl to wrangle.

Unstructured email data makes it hard to precisely identify PII, PCI, PHI, and other regulated data in messages and attachments

In an account compromise or insider risk scenario, it’s hard to see what email data was accessed and where it was sent to

Unprotected email is risky as the only native line of defense is an authenticated user session

The Material Difference

Material enables data protection and safe retrieval at the message-level by applying an added layer of authentication to emails directly in the mailbox, removing the false choice between keeping the workforce productive and limiting the organization’s exposure.

Smart Data Classification

Material comes with dozens of built-in classifiers for sensitive data categories across financial, personal, health, and other categories, and you can also create custom labels. Specify which classifiers to enable and provide customized grace periods for locking and retrieving messages.

Message-level controls

Material performs a complete historical and ongoing sync and redacts the contents of emails that match enabled data classifiers. Sensitive messages are replaced with a stub that enables secure retrieval and the original contents are securely stored in a single-tenant cloud instance.

Seamless Data Retrieval

Redacted messages include a step up authentication link, which leverages your identity provider of choice. On valid retrieval, the original message is replaced in the mailbox according to the grace period duration time. Retrievals can also be performed in bulk by admins via message search, force unlocking all messages according to select criteria.

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Material provides a macro view of email risk and also distills it down to facilitate security conversations with non-technical senior leadership. It becomes so clear that it can’t be ignored. It not only provides critical inputs into our cloud strategy, but also drives real conversations and enforcement of controls.

Matt Pecorelli

Director Cybersecurity Operations

Enforcing email data governance at leading organizations of all kinds