Leak Prevention

Stop email leaks
from the inside out

Protect critical data at rest in employee, partner, contractor, and VIP accounts—without hurting productivity. Material finds and redacts sensitive content in email archives and brings it back when you need it, after a simple verification step.
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"Leak Prevention helps Iterable’s IT team lessen the surface area vulnerable to attacks and ensure Iterable’s employees avoid activity that—intentionally or unintentionally—funnels company data into the wrong hands."
— Nate Meir, IT Client Platform Engineer, Iterable

A treasure trove of sensitive content

From PII to financial reports to customer data, mailboxes are vast repositories of sensitive content. Unchecked access to these messages increases the risk of data loss, compliance woes, and reputational damage. Traditional email DLP filters try to block emails in transit but ignore the thousands of messages sitting at rest. Other approaches force an impractical trade-off between the security risk of retention and the productivity hit of deletion.

Leak Prevention from Material

Find and Redact

Automatically protect messages with PII, financials, customer data, and other built-in classes of sensitive content. Secure one-offs manually using native labels or folders.


Use your SSO or MFA provider or a custom verification mechanism to authenticate access requests.


Access messages directly in mailboxes after verification. Unlocking works across all devices and mail apps without any per-user installs.

Grace Periods

Customize when messages will be redacted to secure content while staying out of users’ way.

Tailored Protection

Set classification, redaction, and unlocking settings by data type, user, department, or domain.

Audit Log and Alerts

Monitor, alert, and rate-limit sensitive content access with built-in audit logs and controls.

Designed for simple deployment and full control

Flexible deployment

Implement protections selectively for specific users or teams. Material deploys via APIs without affecting email delivery. No agents, plugins, or end-user onboarding required.

Your data, owned by you

Every deployment of Material is an isolated, private instance that
 can be managed by Material or 
exclusively by your team for total control and includes audit logs.

Extends existing

Material integrates with identity providers such as Okta, Duo, and OneLogin as well as common SIEMs.

You can't protect what you can't see

What types of sensitive content exist in mailboxes? Which users have the most to lose? What has been shared externally? Material’s Risk Analytics clarify the scope of a breach before it happens, with zero impact to end-users.
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How proactive organizations use Leak Prevention

Protect critical internal communication (e.g., Finance, Legal, HR) Maintain compliance and privacy for PII and PHI Gain independent control for third-party data requests

Secure communications for a remote workforce  Protect client data and confidentiality Defend against misuse and insider threat (especially during offboarding)

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“Expecting our security team to monitor unreliable DLP alerts wasn't an option. Unlike many other security tools, Material's Leak Prevention doesn't require constant babysitting.”
— Fredrick “Flee” Lee, CSO, Gusto

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