Reimagining email security

Protecting Microsoft and Google accounts for the best teams

Material fights phishing and provides visibility, defense-in-depth, and security infrastructure for Office 365 and Google Workspace.

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A new kind of security product

Simple to understand. Easy to deploy, run, and trust.

Your data, owned by you

Deploys in a private, isolated cloud instance that you fully control.

Defense in depth

Protects sensitive data and apps—even if an account is compromised.

Deploys instantly

Integrates in minutes via Office 365 and Google Workspace APIs.

Plays nice

Integrates with existing training, identity, and data classification tools.

No alert spam

Creates secure end-user workflows, not more alerts.


No blackboxes, silver bullets, or technobabble here.

You can't protect what you can't see

Get unprecedented visibility and control over your Office 365 or Google Workspace environment. Material surfaces foundational risk factors paired with one-click remediations.

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Matt Pecorelli
Director - Cybersecurity Operations, Mars
“Material provides a macro view of email risk and also distills it down to facilitate security conversations with non-technical senior leadership. You can take screenshots, present the evidence, and broker a conversation in a common language.”

Protect against phishing attacks that get through

Phishing training is an incomplete best practice: while one user reports an attack, others fall for it. Material allows a single report from any employee to instantly protect the entire organization.

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Scott Schultz
Manager, Trust & Security, Amplitude
“Amplitude employees love the idea of being a superhero. People want to help their teammates and make a difference in protecting the company from a disastrous event.”

Protect sensitive content in archives

Material classifies and redacts sensitive messages in mailboxes, keeping them safe even if someone gets in. A quick verification step brings the original message back.

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Fredrick “Flee” Lee
CSO, Gusto
”Expecting our security team to monitor unreliable DLP alerts wasn't an option. Unlike many other security tools, Material's Leak Prevention doesn't require constant babysitting.”

Stop lateral account takeover

Limit the scope of a breach by preventing attackers from using email accounts to hijack other services. Material adds a simple verification step before granting access to password resets and other critical messages.

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Brad Chivukula
VP of Engineering, Collective Health
“Account Takeover Prevention was a force multiplier for us. It allowed our security team to enhance our identity layer program and gain visibility—all while being able to enforce a second factor on top of everything.”

Easy to run,
easy to trust

Material deploys in minutes via Office 365 and Google Workspace APIs, without affecting MX records or email delivery. Deploy to everyone or just the users that need it most.

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David Cook
CISO, Databricks
“Having our own instance and isolating the data was huge for us. We could control behavior and access to our account. We know exactly what’s going on and have a higher level of confidence because we control our own data.”

Loved by the security community

We're grateful for the support of creative security leaders across the world.

Troy Wilkinson

CISO at Interpublic Group (IPG)

The team at Material Security has built a really interesting product that completely bypasses how everybody has thought about email security historically. Congrats Ryan Noon & the entire Material team!
#seriesc #unicorn #cybersecurity

Lisa Hall
Director - Head of Information Security

“We are using Material Security to reduce the risk related to email—including improved phishing response, data leakage prevention, and sensitive data discovery. It takes the guesswork out of email security.”

Ben Hagen

@benhagen, 2x Presidential Election & Emmy Award Winning Security Otter

Super excited to see the growth of non-snake oil security startups. Rare to see new entrants in the space actually improve the state of security with innovative approaches. @material_sec's mission is personal to me.

Matt Muller

@the_mullinator, Trust and security at Coinbase

The number of security vendors I truly admire is… very very small, but @material_sec makes the list for sure. Really excited to see @internet_meme and @abhishek0918 keep building.

Matt Pecorelli
Director - Cybersecurity Operations

“Material was simple to operate and trust even at our scale. There was no complex implementation and no disruption to go into production, and we had full access to our own cloud instance throughout. Within a couple of hours of deployment, we could analyze all the email data for all our domains across North America. It was remarkable.”

Andrew Becherer

Chief Information Security Officer at Iterable

If you manage corporate IT security and haven't been following Material Security I recommend checking them out. They bring solutions to email problems that felt intractable and I really appreciate their deployment model.

How Mars leveraged identity to protect sensitive content and applications

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Material + Snowflake

Material and Snowflake announce partnership, powering data-driven security for Office 365 and Google Workspace.

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Our demo starts with an attacker in an account

See how Material protects Google and Microsoft accounts even after they have been compromised and gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your risk.

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Material is available in private beta for high-risk individuals. Get in touch to learn more and request an invite.

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